Cybill Shepherd, <EM>Psych</EM> Cybill Shepherd, Psych
Cybill Shepherd talks about her role on Psych (Fridays at 10 pm/ET, USA), her decision to remain un-Botoxed and being haunted by Elvis.

TV Guide: We're impressed, Cybill: After 40 years in the biz and at 58, you're still working like a madwoman. There's your role on Showtime's The L Word, and then this month, you're debuting a recurring role on USA Network's Psych. How do you feel?
Cybill Shepherd:
I'm thrilled! It's the most activity I've had in, like, the 10 years since Cybill went off the air. I'm always amazed that I go through down periods of not doing a lot of work and then the roller coaster just continues up another hill. The funny thing is, my character in Psych is named Madeline — just like in Moonlighting. That may not be an accident....

TV Guide: No, because writers seem to be incorporating bits of your real life into your roles. Like on The L Word, your character had a "crush" on Salma Hayek —  which you said you had in real life, right?
Yeah! [Laughs] And also on The L Word, I did a pseudo-striptease on a diving board, which is what I also did in [my 1971 film debut,] The Last Picture Show. I only do one once every 40 years!

TV Guide: You've hinted that you've actually thought about taking a lesbian lover, so...?
Oh, my! [Laughs] Uh... a little bit....

TV Guide: What does that mean?
Shepherd: That's all I'm gonna say! But I will say I'm thrilled to see [gay] couples getting married in California, and I'm gonna do what I can to keep it that way. Because if you're voting against gay marriage, you need to get a life.

TV Guide: You play Corbin Bernsen's ex-wife on Psych. Why do another series?
Because the show has a crisp, fast way with dialogue and also because I've always loved Corbin. I've known him over the years and I always felt like we had great chemistry, but I never had the chance to work with him and... well, see, so many of the successes of my career have had to do with the chemistry I had with certain actors.

TV Guide: Like with Bruce Willis in Moonlighting?
And Christine Baranski in Cybill. And those weren't accidents — I had a lot to do with who played those two roles, and I always veered toward the person with whom I felt we had some snap, crackle and pop between us.

TV Guide: Speaking of which: It was always reported that you were constantly fighting with both Bruce and Christine. Was that true?
Well, yeah — we were! [Laughs] Though I wouldn't say we were fighting all the time. It was good traction is what it was. Those were great combos, and I don't regret anything.

TV Guide: Psych is about a fake psychic detective, but have you had any real paranormal experiences? Like, you once dated Elvis Presley — ever seen his ghost?
[Laughs] Not in a way that I feel I have to call Ghostbusters, but I've been haunted by Elvis in the sense that... well, when I knew him, he was very sweet, but also very seriously into drugs, and so I've been haunted by wishing he could have lived longer. Because I'm from Memphis, and I've had the fame thing, too, so maybe I could have been a good friend and helped him.

TV Guide: You played Martha Stewart in two over-the-top TV-movies. Ever hear how Martha felt about your performances?
No. I mean, I'm not getting any invitations to be on her show or anything! But remember those claymation Celebrity Deathmatch fights? It would have been funny to see Martha and me in one, right? But she's taller than me, and I wouldn't want to face her in a dark street. [Pause] Unless I had my German shepherd with me — then I'd take on Martha!

TV Guide: Are you still Botox-free?
I haven't done it yet. It's just like the years went past and I haven't done it. I think I will do something, but I'm afraid of what I'll look like. But I'll do something sometime, because it's gonna get ridiculous after a while!

TV Guide: You're famous for saying and doing whatever you feel like, so, hey, why haven't you done a reality show?
I've turned down at least 20 reality shows! But reality TV is about humiliation and —

TV Guide: They'd edit it to make you look like a total bitch?
Oh, yeah. [Pause] But never say never!

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