Sarah Michelle Gellar, Britt Robertson, Rachel Bilson Sarah Michelle Gellar, Britt Robertson, Rachel Bilson

Sarah Michelle Gellar will be surrounded by a slew of hot guys when The CW's new noir thriller Ringer debuts next week, so the topic of whether she's got the smooching skills to keep up was broached at Wednesday's Paley Center fall TV preview, which was moderated by's Denise Martin.

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That's not the only hilarious subject that the casts and creative minds behind Ringer, The Secret Circle and Hart of Dixie delved into. Check out the 10 best quotes from the event:

10. "Short days and lots of hot men," Ringer executive producer Nicole Snyder said of how Gellar was enticed to return to television.

9. "It's a little bit more relatable than 150-year-old guys hitting on 16-year-old girls," said executive producer Andrew Miller on why The Secret Circle's witches are better than The Vampire Diaries' vampires.

8. "I look far too young to be a lawyer, you put us together, all of a sudden you start believing the whole thing," Hart of Dixie star Scott Porter said of a young-looking Rachel Bilson playing a doctor on the new dramedy.

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7. "I'm sure she is, if I were to kiss her," said Ringer star Mike Colter, who plays one of Gellar's many love interests, on whether she's a good kisser.

6.  "On The CW, their grandparents are only like 45," Miller joked of how young the network skews.

5. "You can't really get hangovers, right?" Porter said while The Secret Circle's Adam Harrington explained the best part of playing a drunk witch. "There's a spell for that, right?" asked Hart of Dixie's Jaime King.

4. "I had some contact with Jack!" Ringer star Nestor Carbonell said, lamenting that his Lost character Richard Alpert wasn't at the non-denominational church for dead castaways in the series finale.

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3. "When you rent an alligator, the trainer will tell you he will perform certain activities, such as going away when you ask it politely to go away. Then the trainer will get to the night that you're shooting at 3 o'clock in the morning in 50-degree weather in the woods of Wilmington, N.C., and he will tell you, 'Oh that gator ain't gonna do nothing you want it to," said Porter on working with Hart of Dixie's alligator named Burt Reynolds.

2. "It's hard to get six teenagers to agree on a movie to go see, let alone what to use their collective powers for," Miller said of The Secret Circle coven's inner turmoil.

1. "I'm the only person in town that likes Zoe Hart [Bilson] that doesn't want to sleep with her," Cress Williams said of his character, discussing how many love triangles there will be on Hart of Dixie.

Ringer premieres Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 9/8c, The Secret Circle debuts Thursday, Sept. 15 at 9/8c and Hart of Dixie bows Monday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on The CW.