CW execs aren't waiting until the UPN-WB marriage becomes official to test out a Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars pairing. UPN announced yesterday that beginning April 11, Mars will move to Tuesdays at 9 pm immediately following Gilmore Girls on WB. No one is officially dubbing this a test after all, the shows are still on two different networks but as one industry insider tells me, "It looks as though they're attempting to build a Gilmore/VM night before the merger happens." Sounds like a good idea to me.

Speaking of Veronica Mars, thanks to everyone who e-mailed me raving about my performance as "Blushing Guy" Wednesday night. I mean, I knew I was phenomenal, but there was no guarantee that you all would agree. Let's just say if Rotten Tomatoes was keeping track, I would have received a 100 percent "Fresh" rating. Here are just some of the glowing notices:

  • You were absolutely amazing on Veronica Mars! I was captivated with your performance. This will most definitely open the eyes of the casting agents who will no doubt be filling your answering machine with offers. Just remember us when you are a big star. BTW, any Deadwood poop? Gail
  • First off, did you develop those head-shaking skills at Juilliard? That's talent! I wouldn't be surprised if a cast shake-up was on the way! Chauncy
  • I just wanted to say that your boxers on VM were hot and that you need to always wear orange. Moira
  • To get into character and be as real in your performance as you could be, were you "going commando" when you filmed your scene? Melissa
  • Wonderful seeing you on Veronica Mars. You showed more talent with your quick blushing than Kristin Cavalleri did in last week's entire episode! Lisa
  • Oh! My! God! You gave up your drawers on Veronica Mars! You are such a slut! Andre
  • Can I talk you out of your undies? Are they Smurf-filled? Tawnya
  • Just e-mailing to say that your part on Veronica Mars was acted beautifully and I totally squeed when I saw you on screen. Romana
  • Oh, no you didn't! Were those really yours, you dog! Debbie
  • I wanted to congratulate you on your astounding though short performance on Veronica Mars! Any plans for a recurring role? Kevin K.
  • Dude! I'm watching Veronica Mars, and I'm so totally jazzed that you are the "handsome guy" the bachelorettes talked out of his underwear! But, come on, Michael, Scooby Doo undies? Diane