Alisan Porter; Curly Sue (inset) Alisan Porter; Curly Sue (inset)

Alison Porter, who starred in the John Hughes film Curly Sue as a child, has revealed her struggle with alcoholism.

On Thursday, the former actress posted a lengthy blog post where she discussed her addiction and path to sobriety. "You see, so many people can't see past the word 'ALCOHOLIC.' They can never understand that it's not even really about a drink or a drug. In fact, it's really not about substance at all," Porter explains. "It's about how you see people, how you treat yourself, how you feel about things, how you think people feel about you, what you could do, should do but don't do. Your resentments, your lack of respect, your lack of power, power you think you have to change sh--, your ego... the list goes on."

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Though Porter has been sober since 2007, she admits the idea of relapsing is still tempting, but her husband and two children motivate her to stay clean. "I don't drink because I don't want to miss one second of the responsibilities I get to have today. I don't drink because I can't. I want to, a lot of days, because I'm human and because life gets hard. But I don't. Sobriety offered me everything I ever wanted and never got," Porter writes.

"I will miss out on getting wasted with my mom friends and barfing all over the strip on some crazy girls trip to Las Vegas. I won't get to go wine tasting in Napa. I won't get to eat a marijuana olive oil-infused stir-fry or trip balls at Coachella. I've lost that privilege in this lifetime," she continues. "But every day that I wake up to my kids clear as a bell and ready to take on another day in this new skin, I am grateful. It's a high like no other and it only comes from me and the Universe that provides for me. Blessings are abundant in this chapter and I'm sitting pretty one day at a time for as long as possible. I'm sure that someday my kids will ask me why I don't drink and my answer will be simple: "I never want to lose myself and not be able to find you."