Curb Your Enthusiasm So the big question for a lot of people was how

Larry and his crew could possibly top last season's

Producers season finale. Well, how about by finding out he's adopted, finding out he's not adopted, dying and then being resurrected after annoying his hosts in heaven? That'd do it, I say and it did. The finer points: How great was Bill Saluga's Louis Lewis, once he finally came out of the coma and steadfastly refused to donate a kidney to cousin Richie? ("What're you, crazy? I'm not giving anybody my kidney. I just woke up! What, I'm gonna start giving things away now?") The whole seesaw thing with Larry's adoption pretty darned funny, I must admit, between him celebrating the ways of the gentile and trying to get used to drinking milk with meat. (I was raised in a kosher household and even though those habits and practices are long gone, I still can't drink milk with meat.) Then it just gets weirder and weirder... in a good way. And I do love that one of Larry's biggest deathbed regrets is posing for the Seinfeld TV Guide cover. (Hey... any attention's good attention in the biz.) Nice Dustin Hoffman-Ali G. tag-team cameo, too, especially with Hoffman and Larry screaming "f--- you!" at one another.) Toss Bea Arthur in as Larry's deceased mom and I ended the season with a smile.