<I>Cupid</i> Cupid

This Tuesday at 10 pm/ET, ABC and Rob Thomas takes another shot at Cupid, a romantic comedy that first aired in 1998 and returns with Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson picking up where Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall left off.

Cannavale, an Emmy winner during his run on Will & Grace, relishes his new role as Trevor, who claims to be the actual Greek god of love but could just as well simply be a loon. "I like that I'm playing a god ... or a crazy person," he says in this video Q&A with TVGuide.com. "Every day that I come into work, I can do anything."

"But my favorite thing about the show," he adds, "is the relationship [Trevor] has with this one."

"This one" refers to Paulson and her Dr. Claire McCrae, the psychologist assigned to assess Trevor's very special case. In the process of doing that, however, she begins to fall under his spell. "She's constantly fighting the fact that she finds him completely charming," Paulson says.

So, is the new Cupid skeptical or hopeful about hearts ands flowers? Watch the video for Bobby and Sarah's take on that and much more.

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