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If you thought Dr. Cuddy's (Lisa Edelstein) sole purpose was to put out House's fires, Monday night's Cuddy-centric episode of House will give viewers a glimpse at the myriad issues the dean of medicine faces on any given day.

"Sometimes you see complaints that people don't think that Cuddy's very good at her job. But I don't really think they know what her job is," says Edelstein. "Now you get a really clearer view of that."

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In the episode titled "5 to 9," viewers will see that — besides dealing with House — Cuddy faces a slew of administrative tasks, including dealing with a thieving pharmaceutical rep and trying to negotiate a new contract with stubborn insurance executives. She even finds herself breaking up a fistfight.

Edelstein says she's happy that fans will be able to see all that Cuddy has to deal with. "It's really nice to fill in the blanks to make the picture more complete."

Viewers will also get a closer look at her relationship to Lucas. But don't despair, "Huddy" fans: House and Cuddy will play nice for the first time in a long time this week as she seeks his advice on administrative decisions.

"I liked the way [House and Cuddy] looked next to her relationship with Lucas, because there is something very special between House and Cuddy that also is historical and deeply complicated," Edelstein says.

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All in all, though, Edelstein still feels Lucas is what Cuddy needs in her life at the moment.

"I think he shows up. I think he helps her with her life.  He's uncomplicated, very loyal, and has sex with her. [Laughs] I think that those things mean a lot to somebody who's got a world like hers, which can be very overwhelming," Edelstein says. "The question remains, 'Is that enough?'"

Are you excited to see the Cuddy-centric episode?