There's nothing I love more than a good gimmick, and this one qualifies as great.

The outside-the-box thinkers over at CSI and Two and a Half Men are toying with the idea of swapping writing staffs for an episode to air later this season. And although the switcheroo is far from a done deal, Men creator Chuck Lorre has already hatched a killer plot for his potential CSI debut - and it's sure to leave many a tongue wagging in Hollywood.

According to sources, his CSI episode would revolve around the grisly death of a disliked sitcom diva - a subject the comedy vet has plenty of experience with, having legendarily clashed with Roseanne and Cybill Shepherd on their eponymous series. And lest he leave any doubt that he is drawing from his own personal nightmares er, experiences, he has gone so far as to reach out to ex- Cybill sidekick Christine Baranksi to play the deceased shrew's co-star.

Natch, Lorre's spokeswoman insists the proposed story is not based on "one person in particular. It's an amalgamation of all the different sitcom divas that he's worked with."

Can't wait to hear what Team CSI has planned for its CSI's Men episode. That show's boss, Carol Mendelsohn, cut her teeth at Melrose Place.