Anna Belknap, Carmine Giovinazzo Anna Belknap, Carmine Giovinazzo

It's all fun and games on Friday's CSI: NY, which pays homage to the classic board game Clue. But the show also has a little fun with fan-favorite couple Danny and Lindsay.

When an inter-office practical joke leaves Lindsay (Anna Belknap) with huge blue circles around her eyes — someone stained the microscope! — she's forced to spend the rest of the episode wearing large sunglasses. And even though there's a murder to solve, Lindsay is preoccupied with finding out who made her "look like a member of Blue Man Group."

CSI: NY's Season 9: This year, it's personal

In the exclusive sneak peek below, Lindsay narrows down her list of suspects — and it includes her husband Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo)! Would he ever pull such a prank on his wife? Watch the clip to find out.CSI: NY airs Fridays at 9/8c on CBS.