AJ Buckley, Sela Ward AJ Buckley, Sela Ward

On Friday's CSI: NY, lab rat Adam Ross gets his moment to shine when an online relationship puts him right in the middle of a murder investigation.

When Adam (AJ Buckley) meets a French beauty on a video dating website, they instantly connect. "I melt. My character literally falls in love through the screen, and tragically as he falls in love, she dies right in front of me," Buckley tells TVGuide.com.

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Adam, Mac ( Gary Sinise) and the rest of the team must first figure out if the murder was real or some twisted Internet snuff film. Through the investigation, Adam has the rare chance to get out of the lab, which also leads to a physical altercation."He gets in a fight with someone, and I hold my own, which is good," Buckley says with a laugh. "Adam's always kind of the brunt of the joke. You push him and push him and push him, but if you push a nerd to certain level, they snap. And for some reason they always know kung fu or they have some sort of Jedi training. [Adam's] got a great right hook. Any criminal out there — watch out."

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But because Adam is so personally connected to the case, he also oversteps his boundaries. "He goes against Mac's orders," Buckley says. "I do get reprimanded. ... But at the same time, Adam... has to stand up at some point, and I think this season, in the writing, Adam's really started to evolve. I'm seeing new layers of Adam that I've never seen before."Buckley says he hopes this episode is the beginning of his character getting more involved outside the lab. "My track record of times when I come out of the lab is pretty tragic," Buckley says. "I come out and [there's] a cloud over me, and the world kind of explodes. But I think it's time for him to come out and get a tan and interact with some people."

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As for the show's new home on Friday nights, Buckley says he's excited to be paired with the Tom Selleck-fronted Blue Bloods. In fact, he's got some ideas about how the shows can work together. "I think my uncle should be Magnum P.I.," Buckley jokes. "I'll grow a mustache. That's the crossover right there!"CSI: NY airs Fridays at 9/8c on CBS.Check out our video interview with Buckley below: