Nelly by Johnny Nunez/ Nelly by Johnny Nunez/

Someone at CBS dramatic programming must have been gifted with an iPod this summer. On the heels of my news that Solange Knowles will be guesting on Ghost Whisperer comes word that Nelly is going to be giving CSI: NY a good rap. In a multi-episode arc, the Grammy winner will play a club owner who serves as an informant to ( spoiler alert!) Mac. (I say spoiler alert because we are, after all, supposed to be biting our nails over whether Gary Sinse's lawman will emerge alive from his season-finale abduction.) Oz also says that Maroon 5 will make a cameo in the second episode of CSI: NY's new season. This news was first reported by EW's Ausiello.

Next, we will be hearing that:
A) John Mayer is guesting on NCIS as Gibbs' supermodel-bedding kid brother
B) The Pussycat Dolls will visit Criminal Minds, playing a team of serial killers (only one of whom talks)
C) Fergie is appearing on Without a Trace as a world-renowned psychic in mom shorts.

What's your pick? - Matt Mitovich