Ted Danson, Elisabeth Shue Ted Danson, Elisabeth Shue

D.B. Russell & Co. will get some extra help from an old friend on the CSI finale.

On Wednesday's season ender (10/9c, CBS), the team investigates a series of murders seemingly inspired by the sins from Dante's Inferno. But the person who helps Russell (Ted Danson) see the pattern is none other than... Miss Kitty!

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In the exclusive sneak peek below, former prostitute Miss Kitty ( Tangie Ambrose), last seen saving the day in "Willows in the Wind," shows up at the lab to tell Russell and Brass to take a closer look at the disappearance of several girls caught up in her old lifestyle.  Now that she's out of the game (and going by her real name Angela Banner), she wants to help the CSIs find out why women looking for a way out of stripping and prostitution are going missing from the Fellowship of Fallen Angels church/support group."Some of [these girls] may not want to be saved," a skeptical Brass (

Paul Guilfoyle) says as he flips through the files. But wait until you see Brass' reaction to one of the girls he sees. (Could it be his daughter, who we know also is in jeopardy during this episode?)Check out the sneak peek below. CSI's finale airs Wednesday at 10/9c on CBS.
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