CSI: Crime Scene Investigation I'm a people-watcher. I sit on a bench at the farmers' market, watching the people walk by and wondering what they are thinking at that moment. Like the young lady who grabs that oh-so-perfect purse and thinks to herself, "No one will ever know this is a knockoff." Yes, we will, dear yes, we will. Some people think I'm crazy, but all I'm doing is harmlessly trying to read the minds of others. That's why I loved last night's episode of

CSI. It's all based upon evaluating the mind of what appears to be a normal human being. A few months ago when I saw this episode for the first time, I sat glued to the edge of my seat, waiting for the gruesome discovery of a decomposed body. When no body was found, I guess I kind of felt cheated in some silly way. This time around, I really got to think about the character a little more. Karen Matthews, played brilliantly by

Heather Stephens, loses her husband in combat and then kills her own kid to keep her in-laws from raising him. Since that day she's lived her life as if her child were still alive, going so far as to create digital pictures of him and her together, using photos of a stranger from the Internet. As I sat and tried to think about what was going on inside her mind, it got me thinking about all the people I try to read at the market. Is that average man thinking, "Awesome, camouflage earmuffs!" or "Where can I bury the body?" That's a little extreme, I know, but I have to wonder how many psychotic minds I'm reading incorrectly. I'll cross my fingers next time I'm there and hope for earmuffs. Dave Steed

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