Marg Helgenberger Marg Helgenberger

"There comes a point in one life in which one feels compelled to make a change. I have been offered another job... with the FBI. And I have decided to take it."

And with that — as well as copious tears and hugs from her CSI family — our beloved stripper-turned-criminalist Catherine Willows left the building last night. No cliffhanger, no blaze of glory, no surprise appearance by William Petersen (seriously, it would have been nice). Sure there was the whole two-part case involving her old friend, Jake from Melrose Place and a bunch of flesh-eating beetles, but as far as grand farewells go, this one was sweet, swift and to the point. Catherine's post-pole career had gotten in the way of the one she wanted to have long enough and it was time to see what else was out there. Good for her. Beats being pushed out of a gig. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the offer came from Friday Night Lights' Matt Lauria, either. We know a lot of folks who would follow the ex-Luke Cafferty wherever he led them.

Anyway, we've lost Catherine and on February 15th, we gain Elisabeth Shue. The old lab leadership ain't looking the same these days and maybe that's a good thing. We'll know soon enough. The real mystery is, where will Marg Helgenberger wind up after this?

And that is where you detectives come in. Tell us down in the comments what you thought of Catherine's swan song and what kind of show Marg should headline next!

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