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Criminal Minds Mega Buzz: How Will Reid Deal with Morgan's Replacement?

Lbr, Morgan is irreplaceable

Joyce Eng

Adam Rodriguez will replace Shemar Moore on Criminal Minds, but Derek Morgan is irreplaceable in Reid's heart.

We already know that Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is not over his BFF's departure -- and he still won't be when Season 12 premieres in the fall. Plus, a new dude coming in probably stirs up a whole bunch of emotions again.

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"We will [touch on it] because again it's real," executive producer and showrunner Erica Messer tells TVGuide.com. "You don't just get over losing your best friend at work. That is something that changes your day. You adapt and you move on, and life goes on. It's not like he's lost him from his life forever; he can always call Morgan. I don't know how much we'll play it actively, but I think it's one more layer that all of them can tap into as we move into Season 12."

Maybe Rodriguez's character will help Reid snap out of his funk? We fully support a new bromance, but we know what the O.G. one is.




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