Ah, the early 2000s: such a glorious time wasn't it? Trucker hats were sufficient proof of your hipster proclivities and you only had one--two at most--social media accounts to maintain. Those good old days were also the heyday of Cribs, MTV's voyeuristic show that let us peek inside the homes of celebrities including Missy Elliott and Mariah Carey who was famously filmed taking a bath during her episode.

Cribs, which initially premiered in 2001, is part of MTV's sweeping revitalization effort. The network announced on Thursday that the series will make a return — on snapchat.

MTV announces re-imagined Unplugged, Zac Efron docu-series

Variety says the new Cribs is described as short-form program, suggesting it'll be shorter than the 30-minute format we remember. It'll be more intimate too, with a style that will have the featured celebs speaking into the camera. It'll launch in June and air once a week on MTV's Snapchat channel, which debuted in February; its first episodes will include rapper Mac Miller, singer Austin Mahone and musical artist Travis Mills.

Will you tune in to watch?