<EM>Prison Break</EM> Prison Break

Creepy Scientist Guy has a eureka moment something to do with a heat lamp, a jellyfish and quite possibly, the movie Gattaca. (Without the thick sexual tension between Jude Law and Ethan Hawke, natch.) Bottom line: He "know[s] where it comes from." No, wait, new bottom line: Dude just got run over. Before the opening credits. So then, sea monsters? Not that scary. Government goons hell-bent on a cover-up? Scary. Not only did Cirko see the underside of an SUV within seconds of sussing out some crucial monster-from-the-deep DNA evidence, but now his lab lackey Singh (you remember: the face-flaying guy who made a miraculous recovery) manages to impale himself on some sort of pointy instrument during a desperate getaway attempt. That's not pretty. And hey, would anyone care to congratulate me on finally learning Cirko's name? Only took me six weeks! Of course, it figures he bites it before the episode's over. Singh, too. Looks like you're on your own in the scientific-advancement department there, Dr. Laura.

As the "previously on" reminded us, a couple of weeks ago adorable CGI beastie Nimrod took out a dog. This week, it's the dogcatcher. Could Miles' day get any worse? He gets the "We're disappointed in you" speech in stereo, runs away from home to live in an abandoned tetanus-infection-waiting-happen school bus and now his beloved pet's electrocuted a city employee. Not to mention, I think I heard his parents make mention of sending the boy to one of those straight-and-narrow Brat Camp type programs. I can't imagine little Nim's gonna go over too well with Mountain Glacier Wolf and Little Big Bear.

Ten points to the wardrobe department for refraining from any gratuitous bikini shots this week. Oh, but minus 10 for the Lake Bell caught-in-a-rainstorm ode to wet clingy T-shirts. At least they broke even.