Brooke Burns by Patrick Wymore/Fox Brooke Burns by Patrick Wymore/Fox

Perhaps you've caught the two sneak peeks, but starting this Thursday at 8 pm/ET, it's really game time. Hole in the Wall, a mad-popular game show that started off in Japan and is best pegged as "human Tetris," has hit the U.S., with Brooke Burns and Mark Thompson as hosts.

Burns' acting credits include Shallow Hal and North Shore, and in the pipeline she has the TV pilot Mistresses (an import of a U.K. series) and the Hallmark Channel holiday flick Most Wonderful Time of the Year. We invited Burns to clear the air about what Hole in the Wall is and isn't. - Matt Mitovich

TRUE or FALSE: The United States is the last country to get Hole in the Wall.
"Definitely true! Can you believe it? People are like, 'I've never heard of this,' but when I tell them it's a Japanese game show, they go, 'Oh, I've watched it on YouTube! I love that show!' It's been in 15 different countries. The thing that is unique about the show in the States is people actually win real money. In other countries, they do it for charity or just for fun. But here, we're giving away up to $135,000."

TRUE or FALSE: If you like ABC's Wipeout, you'll love Hole in the Wall.
"That's a hard one for me to answer because both of my executive producers from [the 2002 NBC game show] Dog Eat Dog are individually on the two shows. I love Wipeout, I think it's great. I think it's true that we have a similar audience."

TRUE or FALSE: Fox's first two sneak peeks have only scratched the surface.
"That is absolutely true. We have a lot of frightening and exciting things coming up - mostly at my expense!"

TRUE or FALSE: Some people look better in silver spandex than others.
" No one looks better in silver spandex! We've had the hottest girls and guys on the planet in those things and it's just so laughable."

TRUE or FALSE: The Parents Television Council might take issue with some of the positions players have to put themselves in.
[ Laughs] "Probably true! They can very compromising."

TRUE or FALSE: The Parents Television Council might take issue with the minidresses Brooke Burns wears.
"Only on the show where we have the little people."

TRUE or FALSE: Hole in the Wall is something Brooke Burns might watch, even if she were not hosting.
"Oooh, yes, absolutely true, mostly because everyone I know is obsessed with it. I couldn't get away from it even if I wanted to!"

TRUE or FALSE: A special edition is coming up featuring New Kids on the Block, and it will be retitled "Hole in the Wahlberg."
"We can only hope."

TRUE or FALSE: Players are allowed to jump or dive through the hole.
" True if it is a geometric shape; not true if it is a humanoid shape."

TRUE or FALSE: The "Blind Wall" is, let's face it, impossible.
"Absolutely false! The Blind Wall is completely possible and has been done."

TRUE or FALSE: For sweeps, losers will get pushed into a pool of hot lava.
[ Laughs] "I like the way you think but no, that's false."

TRUE or FALSE: ABC mishandled Miss Guided. [The short-lived sitcom starred Burns as the archrival of Judy Greer's high-school guidance counselor.]
"Oooh, this could get me into a lot of trouble. Let's put it this way: I sat around on my a-- for two years waiting for that show to get picked up." [ Laughs]

TRUE or FALSE: Brooke Burns has not yet subjected herself to a Wall.
"That is true. They would not let me. We had so many shows to do per day, hair and makeup held me back with barbed wire."

TRUE or FALSE: You'd better watch this show on Fox, because a play-at-home version is unlikely.
[ Laughs] "I don't know about that - it's a pretty simple show to recreate. I think people are going to start having Hole in the Wall parties!"

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