By the end of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's first season, Rebecca's (Rachel Bloom) buddy Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) had transitioned from being a matronly mom and office mensch to a hero in her own right. She started standing up for herself more, calling Rebecca on her BS, and asserting her own power.

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And in Season 2, Paula continues to look out for No. 1. got some inside scoop on next season, and it appears that Paula is doubling down on her dreams of being a big-shot lawyer. In the past, she put the needs of her husband and child before her own — but now, mama's got a brand new bag. And when she learns of a situation that could jeopardize her second chance at getting what she wants, she boldly puts her career before her family by making a shocking choice that is definitely going to raise some eyebrows.

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