Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) is back and we have our first look at what she's been up to since being left at the altar in the Season 2 finale. According to a new teaser released on Friday, she's been shopping...for revenge.

The video reveals that the jilted bride has swapped her wedding dress for a white robe and hat (plus some comfy, pretzel-smashing slippers). No, she hasn't forgotten Josh Chan's (Vincent Rodriguez III) last-minute disappearing act and by the looks of things, he's in for a tall glass of vengeance — Rebecca style.

As she comes to terms with being dumped on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, the show will delve further into her mental health and officially diagnose her this season. "We're really going to explore that in a very, very specific way. It's something we've done a ton of research on," showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna tells TV Guide.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3: Everything You Need to Know

How that affects her moving forward remains to be seen.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns on Friday, Oct. 13 at 8/9c on The CW.

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