Tonight on Chasing Farrah (10 pm/ET on TV Land), the reality show dives off the deep end into Farrah Fawcett's freaky pool of fans. In the midst of the melee is founder Mike Pingel, who was among last week's applicants for employment as Farrah's personal assistant. Sadly, he didn't get the job after revealing that his fave Charlie's Angel was Cheryl Ladd — not smart. This week, Pingel will be seen chasing Farrah in pursuit of a snapshot (far left) to complete his collection of personal photos with the '70s show's stars. Here, he shares with some exclusive entries from his very own Angels diary.

Sept 3, 2004: Today in New York City, Farrah Fawcett was scheduled to be on Good Morning America! So I ran over to the studio, but I couldn't get a ticket for the show. Of course, with all my pitiful tact, I tried begging for a ticket — no luck. [Sigh] I missed Farrah baking a pie on the show. Who knew she baked?

But get this, Diary: One crazy Farrah fan shaved his arms because he wanted to feel like he was 12 years old again, since that's the age at which he first watched Farrah on Charlie's Angels. He told me he wanted to invite Ms. Fawcett to his class reunion. Hope Farrah stays away from that cuckoo — because I sure did.

Sept 14, 2004: I'm back home in Los Angeles, where I got wind too late that Farrah was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel. I ran over to the show's Hollywood studio, but again, I couldn't get a ticket. Forget Chasing Farrah, I'm feeling now like I'm Stalking Farrah. Yikes! The restraining order will probably arrive any day now.

Sept 15, 2004: I sped across to NBC's studios in the Valley today. Farrah had planned to do Ellen, then she'd canceled her booking, and at the last moment, she decided to do the show after all! I think I'll call her the Diva Angel. Unfortunately, when I arrived, the audience was already inside and seated. So I did the next best thing. I set up camp outside the studio, hoping that maybe this final attempt to make contact would work. (I know, Diary. I frighten me, too.)

For an hour, I stood on the corner with Farrah's red swimsuit poster in hand. Finally, a limousine pulled over and out popped Farrah Fawcett! She was very sweet and not at all what I had expected after seeing her infamous Letterman appearance. Farrah took time to chat, signing my poster, my Farrah doll and my Farrah hairstyling head. Then, we finally took the photo. Afterward, she popped back into the limo and away she went. This photo now completes my Charlie's Angels photo collection — and my life. I can now die a happy man.

P.S. Not to complain, Diary, but Farrah is wearing sunglasses in the photo. Guess now I'll have to "chase" her for a new photo without those shades. Oh, no! My Chasing of Farrah will never end!