<I>Crash </i> Crash

Starz Entertainment has renewed Crash, its first original drama series, for a second season to air in the fall.

However, the series — which was inspired by the Oscar-winning film and is co-produced with Lionsgate — will get a "look under the hood" and reemerge with some modifications.

For starters, writer/producer Ira Steven Behr (The 4400) has been named executive producer/show runner for Season 2, while The Kill Point's James DeMonaco and Todd Harthan will serve as executive and supervising producers, respectively.

Series creator/Season 1 show runner Glen Mazzara will stay on as a consulting producer.

"As our first major dramatic series ... Crash has been, and will be, an important part of our Originals strategy," says Stephan Shelanski, EVP programming for Starz Entertainment. "With Ira, James and Todd on board, we feel it's going to get stronger with each year."

Roughly half of the cast, Dennis Hopper included, will return for the sophomore cycle. Storylines will "delve deeper into the many emotional and complex layers of life in Los Angeles," and in doing so veer away from police story arcs.