A coworker of mine called me over to her desk the other day and, not knowing that I cover The Comeback for Watercooler, asked me if I'd ever seen the show. I said, "Umm, yes," and before I told her more, she showed me footage of one of our New York producers asking actress Dee Wallace Stone a question at a recent event (Dee is costarring in an upcoming ABC show and was promoting it). My coworker said, "Doesn't she remind you of Lisa Kudrow's Valerie Cherish character? She just seems so desperate to make a comeback you can see it in her eyes." Our New York producer said to Stone: "Remind me what you've been in before, because you look familiar." Stone replied, with a huge smile: "I was the mother in E.T." Such a Valerie ("I was the star of I'm It!") moment.

Some great Valerie moments from tonight's episode included her getting angry that her tag at the end of the show was squished while the closing credits rolled and a NASCAR bug sat the bottom of the screen. As a viewer, I always hate when networks do that, so it was great to see someone get upset about it on TV. And my favorite character besides Valerie is definitely Mickey, her hair and makeup guy. I was determined to find out what Robert Michael Morris did before this show, and found his website. He is a riot ("I don't know why Juna would assume I'm gay!"). Once again, the camera goes to a close-up of Kudrow's facial expression. Hilarious.