He might've been the most happy-go-lucky (if slightly dim-witted) cast member of Big Brother 5, but Michael Ellis, better known as Cowboy, is very bummed that his ex-housemates awarded the $1 million prize to cutie-pie Drew. The 23-year-old from Oklahoma doesn't begrudge his fellow "Horseman" the cash — he just wishes BB5's jury had based their votes on financial need more than gamesmanship. While this soon-to-be married gent tried hard to fit in — he even let his roomies shave racing stripes in his leg hair! — Cowboy couldn't win a Head of Household competition to save his life. Here, the downtrodden runner-up shares his regrets with TV Guide Online.

TV Guide Online: You must be happy. You won some money.
Michael Ellis:
Well, it wasn't the 500 Gs.

TVGO: Well, $50,000 isn't too shabby.
Oh, no. I need to pay some bills.

TVGO: Did you at least have fun in the Big Brother house?
No. I think we made things to do to entertain ourselves because it is so boring.

TVGO: You talked about your fianc&#233e, April, a lot. When are you two getting married?
We are getting married Dec. 9.

TVGO: Were you thrilled to see her and your stepson, Chason, again?
I was so excited to see Chason and April for the first time. It was just unreal to be able to hug and kiss them. I know it was hard on me, and I know it was hard on them as well. Chason was crying because I didn't win. I hope I can get back home and sit down with him and say, "I did win. I've got ya'll."

TVGO: Will Drew's victory hurt your friendship?
Drew and I will be friends. He won the $500,000 and I won the $50,000, so I think we have something in common that the other houseguests don't have. I even told April that I'm thinking of putting Drew as my best man in my wedding. He's really been a great friend through this experience.

TVGO: Who surprised you by voting against you?
You know, when it came down to a tie vote, I really, honestly thought that Will would vote for me.

TVGO: Think you lost because you didn't win many competitions?
That has been brought up so much. I think not winning [any] HOHs did hinder me in this jury. Past juries voted for someone who really needs the money more, and that is not what the jury went for this time. I respect that. I think that Drew played the game very well. He won four HOHs and I only won one veto.

TVGO: Describe what it was like to learn Nakomis was your half sister.
It was a very hard time for me, and I guarantee it was hard for my family to witness that and not be able to comfort me. I went almost 24 years not knowing who my real father is.

TVGO: Was your father at the finale?
He was not there, unfortunately. We might try and meet for the first time in the near future.

TVGO: Think you'll stay close to Nakomis?
I really hope that there will be a relationship between Nakomis and myself. I hope that we can put the game aside and just start a brother-and-sister relationship.

TVGO: Are you surprised that former "Horsemen" Jase and Scott aren't speaking?
I don't know what the deal is with Savage and Jase. I think it is immature. I wish that they would put the girl or the game aside and just make up. We said "Four Horsemen for life," more or less, when [we made that alliance]. It is just kind of upsetting to hear that they are not on speaking terms.