Devin Kelley Devin Kelley

Covert Affairs' ladies' man is about to settle down for the time being.

The Chicago Code's Devin Kelley has landed a recurring role on the spy drama as Auggie's new girlfriend, has learned.

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Kelley will play Parker, the younger sister of Billy, who served in Iraq with Auggie (Christopher Gorham

) and was killed during the Jack of Diamonds mission that blinded Auggie. Parker put her life on hold after Billy's death, but meets Auggie as she prepares to start her service in the Peace Corps."She's definitely Auggie's type and it feels like a good relationship he should be in," co-creator/co-executive producer Chris Ord tells Auggie has bedded his share of ladies and reunited with his ex, Natasha (Liane Balaban), on a case last season, he has yet to be seen in a relationship — until now. "We thought that would be an interesting territory to explore," Ord says. "And we're kind of excited to see what it would mean for Auggie to be in a relationship."

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But it won't be smooth sailing for the pair, as Parker is "not without complications," co-creator/co-executive producer Matt Corman teases. "It seems like he's unable to have any sort of romantic entanglements that don't involve a certain amount of stress."Covert Affairs will mark Kelley's second major TV role — her first being Code, in which she played rookie cop Vonda Wysocki. Kelley, who's booked for three episodes, will first appear in the second episode of the winter season.Covert Affairs' summer season finale airs Tuesday at 10/9c on USA.