Katie Couric courtesy CBS Katie Couric courtesy CBS

Wednesday on CBS Evening News, Katie Couric asks 10 presidential contenders to weigh in on the issue of politicians making for strange bedfellows - namely, with people who aren't their spouse. According to the New York Daily News, when asked about the public's reservations about backing a cheater, Hillary Clinton says, "I can certainly understand [that]. That is their perfect right. But I think that would be a tough standard for most [figures] of American history to be able to meet." (Who might she be alluding to...?)

Another qualified perspective came from Rudy Giuliani, who admits, "I'm not perfect. I've made mistakes in my life - and not just in that area. I try to learn from them so I don't repeat them." Citing his Catholic upbringing, he then said, "I mean, we're all sinners. We're all struggling.... We ask for forgiveness."