Question: Could you please find out the name of a series that aired, I believe, in the early to mid-'90s? It was about a young man who was bitten by a werewolf and it was a weekly series that involved him tracking down the original werewolf that bit him. On the nights he would become a werewolf, a pentagram would appear on the palm of his hand and turn red. We are pulling our hair out around here trying to come up with the name of that show. Thank you.

Answer: Well, as long as that hair you're pulling isn't regenerating too quickly and you don't find yourself walking in circles on the bed before you lie down in it or kicking your foot when someone rubs your belly, I'd say you're probably OK.

Be that as it may, the show you're thinking of was called no big surprise here Werewolf and it ran on Fox from July 1987 to August of the following year. The setup was this: Handsome grad student Eric Cord (John J. York) came home one night to find his roommate loading a gun with silver bullets. The roommate explained that he was a werewolf, he was about to transform (the pentagram that appeared on his palm gave him warning) and Eric had to kill him. Of course the skeptical Eric preferred talk over gunplay, the roomie was true to his word and Eric was bitten before he managed to kill his monstrous chum.

Then life got really complicated. Eric, now a werewolf himself, had to track down the werewolf who started the bloodline (played by late Rifleman star Chuck Connors) and kill him in order to end the curse. As if that weren't enough, he battled his accursed bloodlust and refrained from killing anyone but villains or other werewolves, which got more difficult with each transformation. To make matters worse, he also had to stay away from Alamo Joe (Lance LeGault), who was a bounty hunter and not the rental-car pitchman his name suggests.

By the time the series left the air, Eric had managed to do away with Connors' character, but found himself faced with the prospect of hunting down the real sire of the bloodline, an ancient but tough werewolf played by Brian Thompson. And that's where the story ended, unfortunately the series left the air with poor Eric still facing his full-moon appointments with Fido-dom.