Cougar Town Cougar Town

Get comfy and grab a big glass of vino, because the Cul-de-Sac Crew's farewell tour is about to begin.

The cast of TBS' wine-soaked comedy Cougar Town released a new music video on Thursday that reveals when the sixth and final season will debut. And as a bonus, it also features tons of great inside jokes from previous seasons (see: finger guns, Penny Can) as well as a jab at former network ABC — oh, snap! But before you watch, consider yourself warned: There's a very good chance that "One Last Pour," performed by star Josh Hopkins, will get stuck in your head.

TV's biggest drunks

Notably missing from most of the video is Brian Van Holt (aka Bobby Cobb), who is leaving the series at the beginning of the season.

So when does Cougar Town return? Watch the video to find out!

Will you miss Cougar Town?