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The Bachelor's Corinne Olympios Is Developing a Scripted Show About Millennial Dating

She's working with a romantic comedy producer on a potential TV series

Liam Mathews

Corinne Olympios rose to fame as a catchphrase-spouting wild child on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, gaining legions of fans with her DGAF attitude. Her life took a dark detour with Bachelor in Paradise, though, when she got caught up in a scandal that shouldn't have been a scandal in the first place. She didn't return to the show, and her brand took a hit.

But now she's putting all that behind her and moving forward with some new projects, she told The Daily Beast. She's relaunching her Team Corn clothing line in a more "fashion forward" incarnation, working on a book about her life and developing a reality show and co-creating a scripted TV show.

Wait, what?

It's true: she's working on what sounds like a comedy series about millennial dating with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days producer Christine Peters. She first mentioned the project to The Hollywood Reporter last month, but the Daily Beast interview gives a few more details about what to expect.

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Here's how she describes it:

The show, which will feature Olympios both in front of and behind the camera, will "be about dating in this millennial world we're in," she divulges, adding, "I think people just get so worked up about creating, like, dating pages, or... I feel like it just becomes such a topic of conversation, like, 'Oh my God, who are you dating? What kind of guy are you going to date? Does this person even look like their picture?' I just feel like there are so many questions and new ways of dating, so it's comical in itself." Olympios plans to mine her own and her friends' romantic lives for fodder, but demurs when I ask if she's playing the field for more material. "For material? No!" she laughs. "I have enough material built up, believe me."

Hmm... I'm no TV producer, but from what I know about how things work, I think Corinne should temper her expectations about getting this on television. Maybe start with a web series? But hey, good for Corinne for trying new things. I would watch at least one episode of a Corinne reality show and read at least one chapter of her book.