Although stand-up guy Corey Holcomb was eliminated from Last Comic Standing seven days ago, he'll have a chance to get back into the competition in tonight's wild-card episode (9 pm/ET on NBC). But for a real cliffhanger, TV Guide Online turns to the self-aggrandizing lady-killer's personal life: Will his significant other give him a chance to get back in her good graces after she sees this interview? Read on, and draw your own conclusions.

TV Guide Online: In your final head-to-head with Alonzo and John, you came down pretty hard on the fairer sex. Do you think maybe that cost you the female vote?
Corey Holcomb:
Nah, I don't think so. On The Apollo Comedy Hour, [the emcee] just walks over [to the contestants] and says, "Clap if you like this guy. Clap if you like that guy." I just think that system works better than [Comic's computerized] voting. It's not like the audience is voting if somebody comes back [after a commercial break] with a vote count, you know what I mean?

TVGO: No clue whatsoever. So let's talk about life in the Last Comic castle. What was your beef with Ant, the show's token gay comedian?
Ant was just the type of person who would try and push buttons, and unfortunately, I got caught having one of my buttons pushed. But I don't have anything against him. It's just that, in the house, if somebody's picking at you all the time, eventually you'll bark back. That's all that was.

TVGO: Which one of the challenges was the toughest for you?
The one where they wanted you to pitch your television-show idea. When people don't know you, you're judged differently than, like, if they know you already.

TVGO: Ya think?
One of the guys [in the focus group] said, "He's no Dave Chappelle." They know Dave Chappelle, because he's on television. If they didn't know him and he was in there pitching, they'd be, like, "He's no Eddie Murphy!" You know what I mean?

TVGO: Man, showbiz is depressing. If you could pick a winner other than yourself, who would you pick?
Off pure talent, it would have to be Alonzo. I didn't know Alonzo before the show, but talently, if it's not me, he's probably the strongest.

TVGO: Having done the show, are you getting more women's underwear and phone numbers thrown at you on stage?
[Laughs] It's different. You know how this world goes — if you're famous, things come a lot easier. It's not as hard as it used to be if I was to try and meet a young lady.

TVGO: And do you try to meet young ladies, or are you taken?
I don't think I'll ever give up testing my skills just to see if I can still get a young lady, but, um, I'm taken.

TVGO: You may not be after this article comes out!
No, I have to practice my skills, because a lot of my jokes are about relationship stuff. So I have to see if I've still got it. But I never go for it.

TVGO: That has got to be the best excuse for flirting I've ever heard.
Yeah, I would agree.