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Corey Haim was in "the best frame of mind" in his life, Corey Feldman said on Larry King Live Wednesday night, adding that people shouldn't jump to conclusions that his close friend died of a drug overdose.

Corey Haim dead at 38

Haim, who had struggled with addiction for many years, was taken to a Burbank hospital where he was pronounced dead Wednesday morning.

"They need to stop saying it's a drug overdose," he told Larry King. "Until the coroner's report comes out ... nobody knows."

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Haim was also dealing with his mother's cancer battle, but Feldman said in the weeks before his death he was still positive. "Most recently he's been, honestly, in the best frame of mind that he's ever been in in the past year," continued Feldman.

"He was fine. I mean, he was actually giving me some advice about something that I was upset about and he was being very positive. I had just been getting him out more recently. I had taken him up to the Playboy Mansion fairly recently for the Super Bowl party."

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Still, a source familiar with the case told earlier Wednesday that Haim died of an apparent overdose.

Feldman acknowledged on King's CNN program that Haim battled addiction for many years.

"I know it better than anybody, because I've been the guy stuffing charcoal down his throat when he was OD'ing. I've been the guy trying to make him, you know, stand up, or — or say a complete sentence. I've been there with him through it many, many times, " Feldman said. "And it — it's happened very badly, and very intensely through the years on many occasions."

Feldman said he was still trying to "digest" Haim's death. "I don't think I've even come close yet."