Corbin Bernsen Corbin Bernsen

When actor-producer Corbin Bernsen goes to work at his Los Angeles office, he's surrounded by flakes. And he's on the lookout for more! The Psych star is a rabid collector of snow globes — he guestimates he has more than 7,500 — and has been hunting them since his days on L.A. Law in the '80s. "At the height of the show's popularity, I'd take out anonymous ads trying to buy them," he recalls. "People were shocked to see Arnie Becker on their doorstep looking for snow globes."

Bernsen admits his passion sounds "kinda goofy" but claims anyone who actually views his haul of globes — housed in a garage next to his office — is blown away. "This is much more than kitsch; it's fantastic pop art, and I'm hoping someday to house it all in a museum," he says. Bernsen's booty is heavy on historical figures (General MacArthur, Margaret Thatcher) and 1930s-40s advertising (cigarettes, car tires, Heinz ketchup) and especially travel locales (he can't resist an airport gift shop). "I don't go for unicorns and angels," says Bernsen, insisting he's not some hopeless romantic.

He saves that for Psych. When USA Network's crime comedy returns tonight at 10/9c, Bernsen's hardboiled character, Henry, will give stern love advice to son Shawn (James Roday), who is about to let his big crush, Jules (Maggie Lawson), split town with a rich guy. "Henry admits he's ruined his share of relationships by not saying what's on his mind," says Bernsen. "He tells Shawn to stop her from leaving or he's sure to regret it." And that's no snow job!

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