<P>Corbin Bernsen, <EM>How Much Is Enough?</EM></P>

Corbin Bernsen, How Much Is Enough?

Corbin Bernsen has worn many hats over the years — caddish leading man (

L.A. Law), movie star (

Major League, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), soap-opera and B-movie heavy (General Hospital, The Dentist), indie writer-director (Donna on Demand) and, most recently, character actor (Psych). Now he adds game-show host to his résumé with How Much Is Enough? (tonight at 9 pm/ET, GSN).

Four contestants compete to accumulate as much cash as they can without being the greediest, as a money clock escalates and they must choose a given amount. The one who chooses the highest amount gets nothing. "This specific game really goes to a sociological, philosophical question of today — how much is enough?" Bernsen explains.

He sees his latest project as a logical extension of his career. "I'm basically an entertainer. The fact that it takes shape in a game show, a soap opera, a feature film, a student film — if I can do my thing, I'm happy." Apart from his new gig, he's also playing James Roday's crusty dad on Psych, which continues its second season Jan. 11. "He's not unlike Arnie Becker," explains Bernsen. "I call them faulted heroes. I enjoy people who are so locked in their ways. The best example of this is that Henry raised a boy he wanted to be a cop — to do what he did. The fact is, he's not doing it Henry's way, and Henry can't accept that. So it leaves room for growth."

And what about Arnie? Do people still wish he could handle their divorce cases? "Always! People still say 'I loved you on L.A. Law.'"

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