We may all still be mourning the death of Rayna James, but Connie Britton is moving onward and upward.

Britton has just booked a recurring role in Showtime's half-hour comedy series, SMILF, a new series about a young woman named Bridgette (Frankie Shaw) struggling to balance her life of freedom with her newfound motherhood.

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The former Nashville star will play Ally, Bridgette's unstable boss who struggles with boundaries and finds herself in constant pursuit of self-betterment. Her expectations for Bridgette's role in her life go far beyond tutoring her kids.

She will recur in a multi-episode arc alongside two other new characters. Raven Goodwin will play Eliza, Bridgette's best friend and sometimes roommate who's in pharmacy school. Mark Webber will play Father Eddie, a sober priest who runs a Catholic Parish in South Boston.

SMILF premieres Sunday, Nov. 5th at 10/9c on Showtime.

Connie Britton, <em>Nashville</em>Connie Britton, Nashville