Jack McBrayer and Conan O'Brien Jack McBrayer and Conan O'Brien

Until Conan O'Brien is legally able to appear on TV in the fall, he's trying a different way to make people laugh: a stage show.

Conan O'Brien debuts on stage with Self-Pleasuring Panda

O'Brien returned to Los Angeles over the weekend to perform at the Gibson Amphitheatre, which is just a few buildings away from his now-vacant Tonight Show stage. The proximity fueled the comedian further in taking on evil television executives, comparing NBC to Lord of the Rings' Mordor, the place where television the ring goes to die.

So how is Coco moving on, besides, of course, getting his own TV show on TBS?

1. Accepting his "failure": The show opened with a video montage of his days between leaving The Tonight Show and learning he'd be going on tour. There was a long beard, several buckets of chicken, and Coco mixing Crisco in a power shake.

Conan O'Brien going to TBS

2. Showing his grief: Among the eight stages of getting over the loss of your late night show include anger that other certain celebs (Kim Kardashian) are still on TV, 36 hours of Red Bull and Halo, and buying everything Amazon says you'll also like.

3. Taking something old and making it new again: The Masturbating Bear returned to the stage, but was quickly turned into the Self-Pleasuring Panda before NBC could get wind. Also, the "Walker, Texas Ranger Lever" is now known as the "Chuck Norris Rural Policeman Handle." Triumph the Insult Comic Dog retained his name and attitude while making an appearance on screen, rather than on stage.

4. Surrounding yourself with friends: Sarah Silverman, Jonah Hill, Jack McBrayer, Seth Green and Aziz Ansari each took a turn pulling the Chuck Norris handle, while Jim Carrey sang "Superman (It's Not Easy)" with Coco. Carrey later returned to the stage wearing nothing but a fruit basket.

5. Taking punches at your former employers: Dressed as a bald, evil TV exec petting a white cat, Coco stuck it to the man by making jokes about a certain network's future lineup: I'm a Celebrity and I Eat Bark.

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6. Keeping your comrades employed: O'Brien has shown his loyalty to his staff time and again through the late-night debacle, and it was proven further when former Tonight Show writer Deon Cole took the stage to test out a few jokes on the willing audience. Plus, the band is back in full force, La Bamba — who Conan kissed on stage — included!

7. Staying classy, as always: Not once during his two-hour act did O'Brien mention Jay Leno. In fact, when the L.A. crowd starting yelling Leno's name to incite Coco, he quickly brushed it off. He also even thanked NBC Universal for letting him return to the lot to do his tour.

O'Brien next appears in San Diego, Calif., on April 29, followed by 17 more cities before his tour wraps up in Atlanta on June 14.

Will you catch Coco on tour?