Finally, a good answer to the "Where will you keep your Emmy?" roundup question: "I had a giant Emmy shelf built years ago, capable of holding 500 Emmys," says Conan, fielding questions backstage with headwriter Mike Sweeney.

When a reporter flubs his verb tense and asks for Conan's take on how Ryan Seacrest is doing (the telecast had ended), O'Brien quipped, "If he's still doing it in the parking lot, that's very, very sad. I think he's lost his mind, he's on TV way too much. It's not good for anyone." But seriously, Conan gave some props to Seacrest and the "different" kudoscast, saying. "It was neat to try it in the round, and he was right to not do [a previous host's] awards show."

Asked if he had heard about O.J. Simpson being arrested in Los Angeles earlier in the evening - a topic oft trotted out in the press room but to little effect - O'Brien said he heard the news from no less than Mary Hart. "But then I went to that guy from Extra to be sure. The one who sued to be in a rock band." Mining O.J.'s latest criminal trespass for laughs, Conan says, "is a double-edged sword. Obviously it's a good [subject] for comedians, but when everybody's doing it, it's harder to get a fresh take on it. But my team is on it - they'll be thinking on the red-eye. Tune in tomorrow night at 12:35."