Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter

The highly anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development is shaping up to be rather star-studded.

During an appearance on Conan Tuesday, Will Arnett revealed that Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter will both appear on the show.

"I don't want to give away too much," Arnett said. "But let me put it this way. There are a few people on this stage tonight who are a part of it. And I think we know who we are."

Is Arrested Development Season 4 adding extra episodes?

(In case it wasn't clear, Arnett gestured to himself, Richter and O'Brien and stage-whispered "It's us.")

There's no word yet in what capacity O'Brien and Richter will appear, but it's safe to assume Richter will reprise his role as identical quintuplets (Andy, Donnie, Chareth, Rocky and Emmett) who all have differing personalities. The comedic duo join an already healthy slate of previously announced guest stars for the comedy's upcoming Netflix-exclusive season, including John Slattery, Carl Weathers and Isla Fisher.

During Arrested's seven-year hiatus, Arnett said, everyone from strangers on the street to Bruce Springsteen have approached him to ask about its return.

"I'm so excited that people are still into it," he told Conan.

The 13 new episodes are scheduled to premiere on Network in early 2013.

Watch part of Arnett's interview below: