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Before Greendale's favorite study group engages in paintball warfare for the two-part May 12 finale, they'll have a few more adventures, ranging from a birthday to a birth. The cast and crew of Community dished to what else to expect for the remainder of the season.

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Your episode-by-episode guide of what's to come:

"Critical Film Studies" (March 24): To surprise Abed (Danny Pudi)  for his birthday, the gang honors his love of pop culture by dressing up as characters from Pulp Fiction.

Gillian Jacobs (as Uma Thurman's Mia Wallace): "Much respect to anyone who wears a wig on a regular basis because after about 10 hours I wanted to rip that thing off my head. But I was definitely scratching my head with pencils and bobby pins. We definitely enjoyed the guns and all the rest. Yvette had to wear facial hair. As a woman, that's your worst nightmare, right? She pulled it off so well. And it's so amazing that I know it was well worth it."
Yvette Nicole Brown (as Samuel L. Jackson's Jules Winnfield): "It's a woman's worst nightmare to have real facial hair. The fake stuff didn't really bother me because I knew I could pull it off at night. But I think Chevy had the worst outfit because he was the gimp. It was horrible, the whole face mask and everything."
Ken Jeong (as Bruce Willis' Butch): "I remember that the makeup artist told me that they didn't want to make a replica of the look because that would defeat the comedy of it. It's gotta be homemade and it has to be obviously homemade. Chang does not look like Bruce Willis. First of all, he's not has handsome as Bruce Willis. He's not in good shape. My theory was that Chang ran out of money because of the Dungeons & Dragons episode. He was completely in black head to toe, white wig and I felt like Chang had gone over budget and was broke and he had to scramble for basic stuff."
>Joel McHale (as John Travolta's Vincent Vega): "Re-enactments behind the scenes? Yes, we re-enacted the gimp scene the most — the blowtorch and the pliers. Yes, those all came out."

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"Competitive Wine Tasting" (March 31): Abed shows who's boss when he attends a class on the intricacies of that '80s sitcom classic Who's the Boss? Meanwhile, Wu Mei (guest star Michelle Krusiec) catches the attention of someone from the study group.

Creator Dan Harmon: "There's an episode in which Pierce has a little love story happening and a little rivalry with Jeff over somebody."
Chevy Chase: "The romance doesn't last long. I think it's something where he's known her for a day and then asks her to marry him or something. But then it turns into something else that I can't tell you. Well, there's always a rivalry between Jeff and me. There's sort of an undercurrent of that, but it comes out of Pierce's sense of rejection, that he's not part of the group, that he's not young."

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"Paradigms of Human Memory" (April 7): It's a clip show ... or is it? Instead of rehashed bits of episodes we've already seen, Community shot all-new footage to give viewers an alternate, wackier view of the past.

Harmon: "There's a special episode where the characters find a pile of stuff and have a lot of memories about the times they've had together. It's a fake clip show, 75 scenes in 22 minutes. A clip show is part of the mythology of the sitcom where you learn certain things about the characters. The only downside is that it's recycled material, but that was just too easy for us. We like to try and kill ourselves, so we shot a bunch of s--- you've never seen from episodes that don't exist."
Jeong: "That was the only table read I've ever been in when after the read was over, the cast members stood up and applauded."
Brown: "When you guys watch the clip show, pay attention to stuff that's on the walls, pay attention to people that walk in the background. It's rich with things that'll make you laugh."
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The One Where Shirley Gives Birth (Episode date and title unknown, but the cast and producers reveal that we will see Shirley pop one out before the season ends):  In the Halloween episode, the zombie apocalypse drove Shirley into Senor Chang's loving arms. So now it's possible that Chang — or Andre (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) — is her baby daddy.

Harmon: "Shirley will drop a papoose. You knew that was going happen when she got pregnant. It will happen during an episode. She will give birth."
Brown: "Yes, Shirley will give birth before the season is over. We're not sure if every week working here is a true week or a month or what, so don't get too wrapped up in trying to figure out the timing of it."
McHale: "Ken Jeong did some improvising while the birth was happening that was so funny and so sublime that I hope they leave it all in. I don't know if they can, but it was one of those where I had to take a knee and try to calm myself down. As for how Jeff reacts to the birth, he reacts like most things that are like that for him: He taunts Britta about it."

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