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"Josh Holloway is as sexy, as dreamy as you would expect, even more so than he was in Lost I think," Joel McHale told at Tuesday's PaleyFest tribute to Community.

Holloway, who played Southern rogue Sawyer on Lost, guest-stars on Community's two-part hourlong season finale on Thursday, May 12. "You really get to see his comedic side," said McHale. "He nails it. He's so funny.  He was such a good guy, great to have around. I would follow him on to any set and then they would handcuff me and escort me out."

Lost's Josh Holloway recruited for Community season finale

McHale wasn't the only one to express extreme affection for Holloway. "I have a big man crush on him," joked Ken Jeong. "Why, has he talked to you about it? Is he annoyed by the gifts and the poetry? I'm so sorry. Josh, if you're reading this, I'm so sorry for all the gifts and poetry. And I hope you got that fruit basket. I did send you some bacon for no reason. Just make sure it's on dry ice."

Although most of the cast kept quiet about the details of Holloway's role in the finale, Danny Pudi offered a promising teaser: "I can tell you that he's playing a character that is a bada-- in every sense of that word. I think anybody who is a Lost fan — and all of us are Lost fans — will love it. He jumped into our world and fit in immediately, which I think is awesome. His character plays a huge part and is a catalyst to the action in the two-part finale."

We'll let the cast of Community tell you more about the finale, in which Greendale Community College once again becomes embroiled in a paintball war:

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Jim Rash: "Once again, the dean had the idea to have a safe game this time unlike last time. That lasts for about two seconds. The stakes are bigger. Yes, the dean gets quite injured during the episode. Let's just say he gets his fair share of abuse. There's a costume, but it's skimpy and very revealing. As the season went on, they had gave me less and less clothing. I haven't done nudity — Joel's shown a lot. They were saying, 'Next to Joel, who's got the most eye candy? Jim seems to be the second-most attractive person."

Creator Dan Harmon: "We're doing more of a Western genre for the first part of it. ... We watched a lot of Sergio Leone stuff because it's Spaghetti Westerns in particular that I was most fond of because they're more visual and about individual characters who've adapted to a sort of extreme wasteland. They encounter each other and they each have their own code. It was very conducive to the situations that spur our paintball apocalypse which is that everything goes to hell because everybody's out for themselves. That fits right in there."

Yvette Nicole Brown: "Oh, I'm great with paintball. I didn't know this but I'm a really, really good shot. I shot a stuntguy in the eye. I mean, he had a mask on. He's OK. It was awesome. I hit him in the eye and the chest."

Gillian Jacobs: "I still can't hold a gun without my arm shaking, so I really need the magic of TV editing to make me a bada--."

Pudi: "I would say Joel is the most dangerous. If you give him a paintball gun, immediately you see his eyes — it's like a spirit takes over and possesses his body."

Jacobs: "There's ice cream involved. Also, you'll see more of the universe of recurring characters on the show like Starburns, Leonard, Garrett and Neil. I really enjoyed working with them as well in this episode."

Community airs Thursdays at 8/7 c on NBC.