Warren Kole, Michael Ealy Warren Kole, Michael Ealy

In USA's upcoming new series Common Law, Michael Ealy and Warren Kole play two exceptional police partners who can't stand each other.

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"Common Law is a series about two detectives whose biggest problem is each other," Ealy tells TVGuide.com. "The captain forces us to go to counseling because our arrest record is immaculate, we're very good at what we do, so the twist [in the show] is we have to go to couple's counseling to preserve our relationship in order to stay top cops."

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In the video below, the duo explains more about what it takes to be a "top cop" and shares their favorite behind-the-scenes story about doing their own stunts. Hint: It involves an air ramp, an explosion and a beads of sweat.

Common Law premieres on Friday at 10/9c on USA.