Commander in Chief Was it really just a couple of months ago that Mackenzie Allen was still a tentative vice president, thrust into the Oval Office by way of her own indignation at a barrage of insensitive comments from

Kiefer's dad? I can't help but get a little nostalgic watching the pilot episode again remembering Thelma finding her presidential feet, while Jake Kane navigates the tea-and-cake duties of the first

lady gentleman. Hey, I couldn't really be expected to know names back then, could I? But aside from all the exposition and the admittedly foregone conclusion that, sure enough, she's gonna take that there oath and become the next commander in chief, what really stands out to me this time around is that, so far, Mac hasn't so much been written as a woman or as a president, or (gasp) as a woman president she's about 98 percent superhero. Maybe she can't leap tall buildings in a single bound like that Clark Kent kid, but she can slay a room full of naysayers with one steely-eyed glare and a stern-yet-thought-provoking comment. Get her a cape and her own comic book, and we may just be on to something.