Commander in Chief
Maybe I'm just getting antsy for the big fat two-night, four-hour premiere of 24 next week, but every last bit of presidential drama's got me thinking of CTU Jim Gardner finding that delicate balance between President Palmer poise and Tony Almeida ferocity; guest star

Tzi Ma as the not-so-fast-there Chinese ambassador; and, naturally, the giant ticking clock counting down the seconds until international disaster. Seriously, Mac, you shoulda just called our boy Jack Bauer as soon as you took office nipping this sort of thing in the bud's kinda his specialty. So we've got a spy submarine down in North Korean waters, we're making shady deals with the Chinese government to help us mount a rescue effort, and our own military's giving us 'tude because we've, like, got ovaries and stuff. Identifying with LadyPrez can be a little exhausting. In the midst of all this brink-of-war to-be-continued action, the family drama rages on. First Daughter Becca doesn't want to be a part of her mom's campaign in '08, if Mac indeed decides to run. Yeah, yeah, she's being a cranky teenager, but she's not wrong: When your parent's in politics, your life becomes fodder for public consumption. (That's sort of how she says it, only with a few more whateverrrrrs.) But here's where they really get me: First Grandma comes in with a nighty-night smack-down speech, but Becca's not about to budge. And then there's adorable First Moppet Amy with her teddy bear and footie pajamas, whining about not being able to sleep. Who gets the good Grandma lovin'? Amy. And that means big sis Becca's left alone to stew with her stubborn-yet-not-entirely unreasonable opinions. Just another friendly reminder that, yes, growing up sucks.