Commander in Chief
Because apparently nothing ever goes smoothly for Mackenzie Allen, this week the ruler of the free world has to contend with a tell-all book filled to the brim with juicy, might-topple-the-Administration secrets. Uh-oh, kids, looks like we've got us a mole in the White House. (I guess it's hoping for too much to wish Tobias Fünke would attack a mini-replica of Washington dressed up in a big mole suit here, huh? That'll teach me to watch a TiVo'd Arrested Development right before I tune in to LadyPrez & Co. Seriously, though, I'll bet Bob Loblaw could help take care of this little snitch problem tout de suite.) 

Meanwhile, Mac's choice for VP finally gets his day before Congress in a potentially disastrous confirmation hearing. All this verbal sparring between Templeton and Keaton's got me wondering: Who'd win in a bar brawl, Donald Sutherland or Peter Coyote? I mean, on the one hand, we've got one-twelfth of The Dirty Dozen, and on the other, the scientist who nearly took down E.T. This is a bold move on my part, but I'm going with Coyote. He sells tiny-twinge-o'-crazy just a little bit better. But alas, the writers are giving the advantage to that oh-so-menacing speaker of the house for now we'll see, Templeton. We'll see.

Gross. Mac and the First Hubby are making out in the Oval Office again. Double gross! First Boyfriend's got a drawer full of condoms in his nightstand! When did this turn into the party scene from Uncle Buck? (Ahh, if only John Candy would burst through the door, well then that would be an outstanding episode.) Triple gross! First Boyfriend was trying to videotape his almost-conquest with Becca, the Bad Decision Queen! Eight thousand new supernatural shows are on this season, and this is the one giving me the heebie-jeebies. CS

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