Jason Hoppy Jason Hoppy

For a guy who married and made a baby with one of TV's most outgoing reality stars, Bethenny Frankel's hubby, Jason Hoppy, sure stays under the radar. Still, there are a few things we've found out about the businessman that make us happy for the Hoppy couple.

He's hands-on. While Bethenny frequently discusses her late father's lack of paternal instincts, it seems Jason is all about even the ickiest aspects of daddy duty. She recently Tweeted that Jason "changes a majority" of baby Bryn's diapers.

He knows what he's gotten himself into. Thankfully, Jason can deal with his wife's wackier side. "Because it's me, he knows it's always a little crazy," Bethenny laughs. "He just comes home and is like, 'What did you get into today?'"

He's damn fine! "I know, right?" agrees Bethenny. "He looks like Christian Bale...and a little like Oliver Hudson. I tell him he looks like Shrek, so women won't come after him!"

He's good people. Far from being a Manhattan trust-funder, the good-natured golf fan grew up in the anti—Big Apple. "He's from Hazleton, Pennsylvania," says Bethenny, joking that the former coal-mining city is "like, the smallest town in the world." She knows she struck gold in the Keystone State. "My assistant is from Pittsburgh. They're all hardworking and genuine and nice," she says. "Pennsylvania's got good stock."

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