Colin Hanks and Diane Lane by Maury Phillips/ Colin Hanks and Diane Lane by Maury Phillips/

At Tuesday's premiere of Untraceable at the Silver Screen Theatre in West Hollywood's Pacific Design Center, Colin Hanks was handling Greek worry beads on the red carpet, an item his character in the thriller could have made use of. "They're just a nice way to fidget," he said by way of explanation. Just back from Sundance, Hanks was all smiles about the reception of The Great Buck Howard, a film he recently completed with his father, Academy Award winner Tom Hanks.

Another smile brought on by a combination of family and Oscars was that on Diane Lane's face. "I just kind of smiled very smugly and said, 'I knew it!'" she told reporters of hearing about the Oscar nomination for No Country for Old Men in which her husband, Josh Brolin, stars. Plans for celebrating the nomination are already in the works. "We're going to have a nice dinner," she said. "An elegant, quiet, romantic evening." Bekah Wright