Colin Ferguson in Eureka by Carole Segale/Sci Fi Channel Photo Colin Ferguson in Eureka by Carole Segale/Sci Fi Channel Photo

If you're looking for sanity in Eureka, go no further than Colin Ferguson. Tuesday night, he begins his third season as Sheriff Jack Carter, who lends an Andy Taylor-like calm to a stormy Mayberry populated by crazy scientific geniuses. Ferguson explains why he's nuts about the show. ( Eureka airs Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET, Sci Fi.)

TV Guide: Give us some scoop!
Colin Ferguson: A main character dies! How do you like that? Also, as last season ended, Eureka was wrecked [by an airborne metal-eating bacteria], so we bring in Frances Fisher [as a corporate hotshot] to fix the town. [The opener] is about a [rogue robot] that escapes. It's fun, though it's hard to act when a main character is a visual effect.

TV Guide: What is the show's appeal?
Ferguson: Some like the special effects and the fun, fast stories. Others like the humor. I think it's the relationships.

TV Guide: Any other projects?
Ferguson: I did NBC's Fear Itself, which is like The Twilight Zone. I played a serial killer and that was fun. I like to exercise different muscles.

TV Guide: If you were a genius, what would you invent?
Ferguson: Wow! I love antigravity. I'm all about recreational vehicles that fly. Or maybe a car that runs on water - that would be good! - G J Donnelly