Sacha Baren Cohen as Bruno Sacha Baren Cohen as Bruno

The folks on the set of Medium got totally psych-ed out.

The NBC series production shut down temporarily on Nov. 7 when an extra continually interrupted the scene  series star Patricia Arquette was shooting. Security was called in to remove the prankster, only to learn that the man causing the disturbance was Sacha Baron Cohen disguised as Bruno, a character Cohen played on Da Ali G Show.

Cohen has spent the past several months traveling the world, shooting footage for an upcoming Bruno movie, a follow-up to Cohen's big-screen smash Borat. Like Borat, Bruno interviews unsuspecting people , generating comedy from their responses and uncomfortable reactions to Bruno's flamboyance. (His questions about fashion and style generally devolve into questions about homosexuality.)

It's still uncertain whether Cohen filmed his exploits on the Medium set  or if he's hoping to obtain the footage from the production company, should he decide to include the incident in his film. Additional recent stunts include crashing a rally supporting the passage of California's gay-marriage-banning proposition and a disruption of fashion weeks in Milan and Paris in September.

Medium reps have yet to comment on this story, which was first reported by Entertainment Weekly.