Clueless reunion Clueless reunion

Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?

Alicia Silverstone was rollin' with her Clueless homies once again when some of the cast reunited Tuesday at the L.A. Film Festival. Silverstone was joined by Stacey DashElisa Donovan and creator/director Amy Heckerling for a Q&A after a screening of the 1995 hit.

"I am so lucky that they were all out there at the time," Heckerling said of casting Silverstone as Cher (as reported by Us Weekly). "I saw the 'Cryin' video for Aerosmith and when Alicia gave the finger, I said, 'There's my girl.'"

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Silverstone added that playing the fashion-forward heroine was "wonderful" and "so much fun." "I thought I was channeling Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball," she said. "And obviously that wasn't the case. But I just felt like that! Especially when I pushed [Elton] off [of me at a house party]. Those were the things that I found lovely."

"We had so much fun," Dash, who played Dionne, told the crowd. "[Heckerling] had such a clear vision and she was able to translate it to us perfectly." The director added, "It was a fun group. I don't like getting up and going to work, but in this case, I was so happy every day."

"Just as everyone said, it was such a magical experience," said Donovan, who played Cher's frenemy Amber. "That was my first movie. So to have such an extraordinary group of people, and to have everybody be young, and have so much fun, it was amazing."

Clueless also starred the late Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd, Donald Faison and Jeremy Sisto. But since the Suburgatory star was not at the reunion, we might never know if Elton ever found his Cranberries CD.

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