The Closer The Closer

Have you been missing The Closer since it wrapped its season last month? Emmy-winning star Kyra Sedgwick is already back on the beat for a five-episode winter season that begins in December, and co-star Tony Denison tells TV Guide Magazine that the holiday episodes' self-contained storylines will tread a fine line between light and dark.

"Each one has its own sort of finale," says Denison, who plays the sometimes-unreliable Lt. Andy Flynn. "They try to be lighter because it's the holiday season — and [the creators] try to find a way to let viewers know that for any police department anywhere, it doesn't matter if people are home carving the turkey or opening presents, there's insanity out there and these guys are constantly trying to keep that in check."

Denison says along with Courtney B. Vance (Tommy) being upgraded to a series regular and Mary McDonnell (Captain Raydor) returning to butt heads with Brenda, a big-name guest star will appear in The Closer's closer. "We have a surprise guest for the final episode, but I don't know who it is! They told me we'd be having some actor from New York who's done a lot of film work. It'll be a two-parter, and it'll have a lot to do with Brenda and her parents [played by Frances Sternhagen and Barry Corbin]."

The mini-season won't skimp on action, and Denison was thrilled to find his character right in the thick of it. "The first episode up is very exciting, with probably one of the best fight scenes choreographed on a television series that I can think of in recent memory," says Denison. "I've done a lot of stunts in so many different series and movies, and when it gets to the point where they're super-dangerous, you let the other guy do it. But in this particular situation, so much of the danger was for the assailant, so I was able to participate in a lot of the stunts myself."

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