The Closer The Closer

A few weeks ago, we wrote about our concern that Fritz and Brenda's marriage on The Closer would be a shark-jumping moment for the series. But after watching Monday's winter finale, we've changed our tune.

We worried that the sugar-addicted, stress-eating, workaholic that we know and love would become too concerned with the trappings of married life to keep her edge as a world-class crime solver. But, the finale addressed such concerns in a playful way that actually fit into the story — imagine that!

We loved watching Brenda and Fritz leave all wedding preparation to their families while they took off to work on separate investigations — including wrapping up their cases in between the ceremony and reception.

It was also refreshing to see Brenda admit to Fritz that she wasn't sure her heart is big enough for her job and personal life. But Fritz put her worries to rest by assuring her that she just can't see how big her heart is, and that he knows exactly who he's marrying. Aw.

Our favorite moment of the episode came at the very end, when Brenda ditched her wedding cake in favor of her beloved Ding Dongs. The look on her face as she slathered the DD with extra icing from said it all: It's finally Brenda Leigh's time to have her cake and eat it too.

What did you think of The Closer finale?